Harness the Power of Patient Experiences...
To Uncover the Health Benefits of Canna-based Products


“What ValidCare is doing is revolutionary and gets us the data we want directly from the consumer.” 

Lynn Honderd, CEO of Mary’s Medicinals


CBD+me Community

Consumers join the community directly or by invitation from other members via our free, easy to use CBD+me app. The app provides everything a consumer needs to securely learn, journal and share their CBD experiences with the community.

And YES, it's 100% FREE to consumers!

Community Insights

Helps you gain deeper insights into product development based on direct input from consumers and/or patients.



  • National & Local Consumer Insights
  • Preferences & Uses
  • Product Efficacy & Competition
  • Trends & Opportunities

Community Engagement

Helps you connect and communicate with consumers and patients, build your brand and grow your business.



  • Branded App
  • Hosted Product Catalog
  • Consumer Self-Enrollment
  • Compassionate Use & Rewards

Patient Care & Research

Helps you automate protocols, remotely monitor patients and collect real-time data to power patient care & clinical research.



  • Brandable HIPAA Compliant App
  • Configurable CareTracks & Protocols
  • Data Analytics & Exports

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